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Discouragement can come in all shapes and sizes, and since it is the opposite of encouragement, guess what? It is bad, and not of God. The word alone will tell you that: dis- meaning apart, or away; another sly tactic of the enemy trying to send your courage away from you and separate you from what God wants to release to you. This tactic is actually really laughable when you think about it because God, our Heavenly Father, our Creator, knows all. He is the Great I Am, and is omnipotent and omniscient, He knows you will have victory if you would just make your relationship with Jesus a priority in your life, and allow Him to bring you into a place that your relationship with Jesus can be cultivated, nourished, and deepened all through the guidance of the Holy Spirit as He secures us to Him while we are physically dwelling in these earthly bodies. And another amazing thing is that although it can be really dangerous to be led by emotions, and feelings, they do serve a purpose. The moment you begin to “feel” discouraged that is when you immediately turn to Jesus within you and calmly let Him hold you while you wait for Him to act and heal those feelings. The Holy Spirit will then remind you of the verses of the Bible that He specifically had you read with Him, or He might even encourage you with specific words regarding things in your life that only you and Him know, or lead you to the Bible to read with Him and nourish your soul; whatever the case may be God, your Great Physician, will heal your discouragement attack because you have actively turned to Jesus for relief, and healing. What another confirmation for you that your relationship with Jesus has deepened, and instead of looking and dwelling in the discouragement may you actively and freely choose to dwell in the eternity of encouragement~right where God desires you to be. May you have a wonderful day resting in Jesus~Shabbat Shalom!