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The scariest place we may find ourselves can actually become the most precious place when we actively live in Jesus’ presence. When you hear an expert tell you that there is no hope, that there is no healing, and there is no possible way immediately the spirit of fear attacks and uncertainty, sharp heartache, and stark reality slams against you reminding you that everything in this life breaks down into two basic things~life or death. Life being that oxygen is moving through, your blood is pumping, and it’s something everyone wants to maintain; death being your presence is no longer here. However, that is the limited mindset talking. Life is only ever found in Jesus, you actually sacrifice your earthly life and separate from all of your selfish wants and desires to turn to Him. You’ve experienced death as you did that. Death simply means separation. You are moving into true life as you begin to actively acknowledge Jesus daily, and the Holy Spirit becomes the very breath you breathe while your life is beautifully, powerfully, and divinely molded into Jesus as you look, see, speak, and hear from Him continuously throughout each day. He is your source for all things and amazingly you find that Jesus actually feeds you, provides for you, and nourishes your true deep desires and wants, things that truly satisfy you. Looking back you shake your head, you had originally wanted limited, unsatisfactory things; only Jesus knows what you truly need, and desire. The Holy Spirit then begins to open your spiritual eyes more and more and when you are faced with someone telling you that there is no hope, there is no healing, and there is no possible way, you turn to Jesus and He is smiling while He reminds you, “Do not dwell in the limits of your earthly life because I am Lord of your life and our relationship is limitless and you now dwell in my Kingdom. Rest in me and obey me as I victoriously lead you through the valley of doubt and limits.” The Holy Spirit then reminds you, “There is always hope, there is always healing, and there is always a possible way in Jesus.” Our relationship with Jesus goes beyond mere earthly boundaries and it is eternal, never ending, may the Lord lovingly bring you deeper within Him so that you will not trip, nor dash your foot on the limits of this world as your physical journey continues until you can be fully reunited with Him. May you have a glorious, victorious day in Jesus!