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Love's Anchoring StrengthLove’s Anchoring Strength is now published! This is an amazing novel that the Lord had lovingly walked me through. If you like the Protection Series…you will love this one! It fits right in there and you may even recognize a few names. May this amazing story touch you and vividly show you that only Jesus can anchor you during the storms that rage against us.

Description:  Fallan Reece, a U.S. Secret Service Special Agent trainee, has just about finished her long grueling training that has been taxing on her strength both mentally and physically.  Seeing her shiny new badge, gun, and title within reach, she excitedly counts down the days to success.  However, the days ticking by are actually leading her towards a full blown storm that rages against her life causing her feet to shift, and her already exhausted mind to falter.  But God has lovingly prepared her path, keeping her firmly anchored in His love, while intimately revealing to her that only Jesus can truly calm the storms that rage against her, and heal the destruction left in their wake.  And surprisingly, the only one able to give her the physical comfort essential to her healing is the very last man Fallan would have ever thought she could turn to.

Available now at Smashwords:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/448860  It should be available at your favorite retailer within the week.