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Regardless of what you have recently been through, regardless of what you are facing tomorrow or in the near future, may you boldly lay it all at your Savior’s feet and focus only on Him tonight. If you need help then ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen you, and believe that you have received, then focus all on Jesus and rest. Pray for His peace and calmness to fill you. This is another faith building step that boldly tells Jesus that He comes first in your life, and that you believe He, alone, can bring you through whatever you need to be brought through. Make your relationship with Jesus your priority because that is the only way you can truly be an overcomer in this lifetime and be prepared for an eternity living in our glorious Abba’s presence. He wants to bring your through the trials, and difficult times so that you can get to know Him at a deeper level and deeply know that He will never leave you, nor forsake you regardless of what you go through or experience, and that He will always victoriously bring you through anything and everything. So do not limit yourself, nor your life, choose Jesus over what is happening all around you, and may you receive His rejuvenating peace tonight that will actively see you victoriously through tomorrow as you have chosen to actively sleep in Jesus!