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If you go to Jesus only on the surface, only when you go to church, only through the repetitious prayers you’ve learned, and as a whole are not prioritizing your alone time with Him, or your relationship with Him, and think “All I can do is live as best as I can on earth and then I will see Him when I get to heaven;” well, you will then easily find yourself just merely surviving, and accepting things in your life for just being “it is what it is,” or greatly accepting your life as something that is out of your control, or think that your life was just laid out and you must accept it. Well, then those are also the results that you can expect. Results that are not God’s will for your life, results that are greatly lacking, greatly debilitating, and greatly in the wrong…keeping you on the surface only. And that is another sly tactic from the enemy trying to keep us trapped on the surface, trapped looking at the suffering rampantly all around us, the continuous sicknesses, the heartaches, and the hopelessness of it all. Why don’t you take more time looking to Jesus, than to what you can physically see? That is a free-will choice you must make, it doesn’t just happen. Only He can intimately show you the victory regardless of where, or how you are physically dwelling, so look to Him. We live in a spiritual battle, there is depth and richness to this world that even we cannot fully comprehend, nothing is simply “it is what it is.” Everything is precisely laid, specifically designed, and intimately molded in order to draw you closer to your Creator so that you will hear Him speak to you and actively break the surface of hopelessness to dwell in the depth of victory that can only be revealed by the Holy Spirit as He actively dwells in your life. How do you break the surface? You ask God for a deeper relationship, you begin praising and speaking to Jesus on a deeper level, you begin actively living in His presence and becoming more aware of Him than anything else. Is that your surface cracking? I hope so!