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Knowing and accepting that your relationship with Jesus is so unique, precious, and specific, and that your life is specifically only in Him, and not something that is there and you are to “live it as best as you can,” you will be effectively opening up your eyes to envision God’s loving, powerful face turned towards you commanding you to, “Be still and know that He is God.” He knows what you have need of and He commands you to only look to Jesus: His above and beyond provision for you. You finally stop struggling, the surface is broken, and you sink as your focus is all on Jesus, refusing to think, look, nor speak of anything else. Pretty soon you will no longer need to lift your head up for air because you will deeply know that the Holy Spirit, alone, is sustaining you while you are surrounded by Jesus’ presence as you have radically changed your life into actively acknowledging Him as you talk, walk, and listen. Your eyes may see the storms on the surface, and you may experience the effects of them, but they are no longer strategically life-threatening to you because you know your life is now in Jesus. And as you continue to sink deeper, the storms become less to you and they no longer are powerful enough to blow you this way or that, nor disrupt your status of where you dwell. Your greatest thought? “Bring me to a deeper place in you, Jesus!” You are being led into a limitless life through limited means where those dwelling on the surface can only speculate on. You are actively, and finally living in Jesus! You cannot force anyone to sink with you, but you can be the example they need to see that they too can live securely and dwell beneath the surface.