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The cold hard reality of finding out that you really have no control over most outcomes, or people, in your life, other than that you had tried your best, is a vital place to experience because it is there where the Holy Spirit will attempt to change your life if you freely choose to turn to Jesus. If you are only concerned on what is taking place around you, only choosing to listen to what you think you hear around you, or only choosing to believe what you think you know to be true then you will only be able to see what is around you and you will greatly limit God in your life. Yes, He is long-suffering and He loves us so much that we can actually limit Him in our individual lives. He will not force Himself on you, He has specifically and uniquely created you for Him; and the Great I Am humbles Himself so that He may personally experience the beauty and healing effects He receives when you freely choose to look to Him. So stop what you are doing, self-discipline your mind to rest away from further thoughts, beliefs, or wayward thinking and raise your eyes to Jesus, praising Him. You have no idea what is happening, nor what may happen tomorrow, and you may not physically see the victory, nor hear it, but if you choose to self-discipline your mind to think on Jesus, and adamantly refuse to give in to the negative affects of not knowing, then you will deeply know and inwardly hear the Holy Spirit softly whispering to you, ‘Trust in Jesus, not in your physical eyes, physical ears, nor in any past experience, trust only in Jesus.’ You are being led to a deeper place in your relationship with Him where you will not have to see the amazing things beginning to happen to know that they are happening; you are being taught that God is limitless and He loves you more than anyone else ever could, and His ways are not limited to your feelings, your emotions, your thoughts, nor your mind. So freely choose to acknowledge Jesus, ask Him to lead you to a scripture that you may recite whenever the negative thoughts, or spirits attack and choose to smile~you are actively choosing to stand firm and trust in Jesus, thereby trusting in the only sure outcome~Him!