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Trusting in Jesus is a choice. Your choice. It is not something that just happens because you have chosen Jesus as your Savior, or your parents are professed Christians, or you grew up in a Christian home, or because you speak of Jesus, or even say His name, or go to church, or pray to Him. All of those things also do not mean that you have an active relationship with Him, that, too, is your personal free-will choice. Trust me, I had to learn it the hard way. No, you do not need to prove your relationship with Jesus to anyone, nor should you look to others and speculate; simply look to Jesus as a priority in your life and let Him, alone, validate you. You may have used your free-will choice to choose Him as your eternal Savior, but are you actively, freely choosing Him as your everyday Savior, as well? Only choosing to do so will strengthen your relationship with Him, and put you in a position where the Holy Spirit can deepen that relationship moment by moment. God is not limited to time, and Jesus is not in Heaven waiting for your limited body to give out and for you to die so that you can be with Him. Instead, He is waiting for you to simply and actively acknowledge Him. Almost every part of your relationship with Him takes an active free-will choice on your part, and when you find yourself in issues after issues, problems after problems, open your arms wider and rejoice because the Lord is trying to strengthen you in having confidence in Him. At each step, may you turn and profess to Him, “I don’t understand, but I choose to trust in you alone build in me confidence and faith in you!” Then freely choose to actively self-discipline your mind to rejoice and praise Jesus when the worries, fears, or anxieties attack. Each time you do this keeps you in a position to receive His victory, and His strength while He intricately builds confidence and faith in Him, in you. The wonderment of it all is that He will also impart His specific love for you as you joyfully realize that your amazing, victorious, limitless, eternal identity rests solely in Him and can be actively experienced now and not just when you get to Heaven!