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Actively wanting a deeper relationship with Jesus, and you are actively living in His presence? Well, it is happening then. You are living in Jesus and moving towards fully living in Jesus, and with that comes special moment by moment building steps of faith and confidence because limitless living requires limitless faith and only He knows exactly what you need to think, or hear. Going from a basic level to a profound level in Jesus takes actively acknowledging and living in the presence of Jesus daily and looking to Him as your sole Provider. At the most basic level you will first recognize and need to freely choose to believe that nothing is greater than your Heavenly Father, the Great I Am. Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith, only He can establish this way of living within you and the Holy Spirit is key in that. As your relationship continues to deepen, He will gradually bring you to a place where you will then begin to fully recognize at the most profound level that nothing is greater than God, nor is anything impossible, nor is anyone else’s love greater than God’s love for you, no matter the relationship. But as you progress, what a beautiful confirmation when He reminds you of the ways in which your thinking, your speaking, your hearing, and your actions have changed because you have simply brought all of them under subjection to Him~all for the glory of God.  So do not get discouraged, nor upset because it seems like nothing is happening, nor changing in your relationship with Jesus, or in your life. Instead, always remember that each time you freely choose to look to Jesus and converse with Him something major does happen, it just takes time. So freely choose to wait and be patient as you dwell in His presence, which is another building step of faith and confidence that can only come from waiting on Him.