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Getting to know Jesus, and cultivating your relationship with Him is so precious, it is above and beyond any other relationship you could ever experience. In fact, you will find that mere words are not even adequate enough to explain it. Who else could be your Sole Provider, who could change the minds of your enemy in order to safely see you through your journey in Him, or show you the victory that to all physical appearances is not there, or bring you to a place within Him where you can actively dwell in hope, strength, comfort, or peace no matter what you are experiencing, or prepare you for what lies ahead? God doesn’t want you to be surprised. A certain ailment, or a certain situation may seem as a surprise or “out of nowhere” to you, but when the Holy Spirit reveals the scriptures He had led you through or the words He had spoken beforehand you will easily see that He had prepared you as no one else ever could have when you have made your relationship with Him a priority in your life. He is showing you that He is in your tomorrows before you even get there. Remember, you will not hear His voice if you do not make the choice, nor be able to see His hope actively dwelling in all situations. No matter that you have accepted Christ as your Savior, this goes a step farther because God loves you so much more than anyone else ever could that He wants you to experience Him, not just read about Him, nor wait until you get to heaven. Trust, faith, confidence, and an assurance in Him being with you no matter what and through all things, is effectively built as we journey through this world and raise our eyes to Him, waiting on Him to provide for us. Every moment is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with Him. It is your choice, and only you can make it.