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Having a deeper relationship with Jesus allows you to see things in a way you normally wouldn’t see because you are at a place where your spiritual eyes are being opened by the Holy Spirit so that He may show you the victory that is not clearly seen, and teach you the things of God. This then gives you unbelievable strength in your speaking because you begin to see how very powerful speaking is and especially when you speak those words in God’s perfect timing as He leads you to. In fact, words in themselves are powerful, and can become a curse or a blessing even when the intent is apparently not meant to harm anyone, and the speaker “means well.” But while you self-discipline yourself to protect against all things not of God, you may find yourself speaking to others in a shocking way sometimes. Maybe even in a way that is out of your “comfort zone” because you begin to not speak what they want to hear, which are those “touchy, feel good” words intent on making them all warm and fuzzy inside where they are not even attempted to reexamine their outlooks, situations, or themselves; but instead you speak to them what they need to hear. Speaking truth, as led by the Holy Spirit, is not always easy in the flesh to speak, but it does have the amazing power to boldly heal, cleanse, break all barriers and blocks, and deeply affect their life for the better. God is greater than all things, and His Word is greater than all words. Some people are not ready to receive what you are saying, and might even very quickly or adamantly reject it, but may that not stop you from speaking the truth, and letting the Holy Spirit do the rest. It is not your “job” to convince them. You speak, as the Lord leads you and let it go, deeply knowing and satisfied that you have spoken the truth, all for the glory of God. And for your own life? May you, above all things, want Jesus fully and completely, thereby wanting to only have truth intimately spoken into your life!