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Looking up to the sky, tears of frustration, anxiety, fears, worries, or heartaches are rolling down your face, your arms are widely spread open, and your voice cries out, “I don’t know what I am to think anymore, I don’t know what I can say anymore, I don’t know what I am to believe anymore, I don’t know what I can do anymore. I don’t know where I am to go anymore, I don’t really know anything anymore, and I don’t know how to move on. I only look to you! You are my Creator, you, alone, are Creator of all things! Breathe within me, teach me, mold me, move me because only you can show me how to truly live!” You no longer want anything blocking you from God, you have finally gotten to the point in your life that you deeply know who your Sole Provider is, and that you have tried all you can, but you aren’t getting there and your life and situations only look worse. You are finally ready to receive all He has for you, and are using your free-will choice to choose Him above all things in your life because you have realized that from Him comes all things, including your family and friends, and only through Him are you able to have unconditional love for your friends, and family. What a very precious, beautiful place you are at, were at, or will be at. What a bold step of faith it is to do this, and what courage you expressed in doing this. But guess what? Even if you were not fully aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence around you, you could have only done it by His strength, because it is indeed a very bold move to make towards the Great I Am! Such sacrificial love you are, did, or will be expressing to God, your heavenly Father! The Lord will never forsake you as you turn to Him, and from here on out He will intimately wipe your tears and personally guide you, for you are secure in Him and are letting Him teach you how to live through Him because you will no longer wait so long to turn to Him. Praise Jesus and Shabbat Shalom!

Twitter:  As you actively turn to Jesus, He intimately wipes your tears, scatters your fears and teaches you how to live through Him.