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We are all different from one another, there is a uniqueness about everyone born and only our Creator, our Abba, truly knows us. And to compare yourself, what you are going through, your situation, circumstance, or anything else that you are experiencing is to discount the truth that you are indeed unique. With each of us, individually, God’s will for our lives vary, and only He knows what that is which Jesus will guide us into and the Holy Spirit will secure us in, if we freely choose to allow them to. That’s right, it is a choice. God’s will in each of our lives is not automatic, we have to freely choose to allow Him to have full access into our lives, on a day by day basis. Yes, He loves us that much that He wants us to always be speaking to Him. Even in our model prayer, the Lord’s prayer, we are asking for God’s will to be done. And although we may voice that, want that, and to all appearances aim towards that, you can block it, or limit Him. In one very particular, dangerous area is comparing. Think about it, does anything good come of it? You feel discouraged if you are receiving negative results, or ones you didn’t expect, and confused if you are receiving different results. Then you look to God and wonder why? What is wrong with me? Why am I not experiencing this, or that. Well, in the first place, you are looking to others for the answers, and not looking to your Sole Provider, your Source for all things, God. He knows His will for your life, and while looking to others you will miss out on what He needs to bring you through in order to strengthen you for what lies ahead tomorrow. Look to God, speak to Him, and choose to have His limitless results for your situation or experience, while Jesus cleanses you of the need to know every little step you have, are, or will be experiencing. If and when you have a need to know those particular answers, God will reveal them to you in His perfect timing. Don’t confuse yourself, don’t compare yourself with others, only look to Jesus and let Him bring you through another beautiful step in building faith and trust in Him. Have a wonderful evening~in Jesus!

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com):  Comparing any area of your life with others is dangerous & limits God in your life. Look only to Jesus for limitless results.