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Sharing daily with Jesus, actively dwelling in His presence, and openly communicating with Him brings the Bible to life. The Bible is God’s Holy Word and it was never meant to stay locked behind a cover, but it becomes a way of life as the Holy Spirit leads you while your focus is always on Jesus. What is amazing and miraculous by your focus always being able to be on Jesus is that no one else may even realize that it is. You can go about your daily activities and other responsibilities, and all the while continue communicating with Him. And when you do this you will be amazed at the amount of patience you will miraculously receive when dealing with difficult people, or the deep abiding joy you will receive during negative circumstances, or how smoothly things will run regardless of what happens. God has designed our bodies to be able to do this, so there is no excuse not to. Doing this also builds trust, faith, and confidence in Jesus and allows you to receive His strength, endurance, and unconditional love that will abundantly overflow onto others. You will then have quiet time with your Lord as He leads you to, and when you open your Bible with Him, you think on the verses asking the Lord to explain them to you, and when you are done, you continue on and go about your day while continuing to reside in His presence. Within minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months later you begin to understand more and more about the Bible, and the Bible becomes less of a book that you pick up or put down and read at a set time, and more of an experience of nourishment, power, strength, hope, joy, love, and the limitless goes on as you begin to fully experience God in all areas of your life. Don’t continue to stay disconnected from all that God has established in order for you to be able to actively dwell with Him, and never leave the presence of Jesus so that He will be able to effectively cleanse all areas of your life so that you will be set up to receive all that you need to receive in order to live a victorious life here, and also be prepared for a blessed eternity with Him.

Twitter (AndieRenee_com):  The Bible verse you read with Jesus today, may just be the sword you’ll need to strike down the giants in your life tomorrow.