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A new day, a new hour, a new minute, a new moment~a new beginning. With Jesus, you don’t have to wait till the morning light shines through the window, each new moment can be a turning point for your life, or a strengthening point to continue on in Him. We are not perfect, but we are connected to the One who is and only His loving blood poured over us makes us righteous (right standing) before God. But do you find yourself desiring even more from Jesus? You stand at the cross look up and smile, then you look straight ahead to the narrow beam at its base, where you have laid all of your burdens down knowing that only Jesus can heal them and carry them. At that moment the Holy Spirit clears your vision slightly, “you are ready” filters through your mind, and you see the narrow beam opening up and Jesus beckoning you to come towards Him. Your heart pounds and you finally realize that only a deeper relationship with Jesus will see you through the hardships, the hopelessness, the mourning, the weaknesses, the sinful nature, and all things not of God; all the things you no longer want to dwell in because you have intimately found out that those ways only bring separation from God (death) and destruction. However, this is a new step, a different step, that no book other than the Bible can prepare and nourish you for, and only the Holy Spirit can instruct you in this way of life. With Christ all things are truly possible to those who believe, but you cannot fully believe in someone that you really do not personally know. But it is your choice to either stand at the threshold, or make that unknown step. May you repent, rejoice, and respond to Jesus as you walk through the narrow base of the cross onto the path of righteousness so that you may actively dwell behind His shield of protection. May you choose to live in Jesus!