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As I mentioned yesterday, the last of the Fall Feast, Feast of Tabernacles, celebrates that God is our provider, He provides for all of our needs, and to truly live is to be totally dependent on God, for only He truly knows what you have need of. And the closer your relationship with Jesus becomes the more you should find yourself becoming fully dependent on God. This feast lasts for eight days, it began at sundown, 8 October and ends Thursday, 16 October, wouldn’t it be wonderful to allow the Holy Spirit to take a portion of your life each day and guide you into relinquishing full control of it over to God? One day, may be your children; another day, the food you eat and exercising; another day, your finances; another day relationships; another day your mouth and the words you use; or whichever area you have yet to fully relinquish to God. When you receive a thorough cleansing in each area, He will then be able to build up that portion of your life in Him, but as you go forward into the next day ask the Lord to not allow you to take the control back. Remember though, in order to be able to move in these areas effectively you will now have to consult Jesus first, which then intertwines you two even more! Then later when doubts try to attack you, throughout this new year, the Lord will remind you what you substantially did for Him during this fall feast, which reminds you to listen to Him and not to your mind trying to trip you up. What is the results in doing this? Well, so much! Jesus will actively become Lord of your life, and you will know the victory without having to see it; your life will radically change all for the glory of God! May you strongly desire to truly have Jesus be the Lord of you life as you actively turn to Him for direction in all areas concerning you.

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com): Relinquishing control of all areas of your life & turning it over to God is freely choosing victory over defeat!