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Sometimes we find ourselves having a determination and drive for things that really do not last, nor do they even matter when faced with life or death. Why can’t we apply that same strength of will to freely look to Jesus and deeply control our thoughts and minds telling ourselves, “My Jesus will bring victory into this because He has conquered all things not of God!” Then we inwardly look to Him and fiercely refuse to look elsewhere until He intimately provides for us, and yes this very thing may be used to build a lot of patience within you to teach you to wait on Him for all things. Do you really believe that God does want to help you out right now? Well, a lot of times we look at the cross and only think of our eternal salvation, and when we do that we are actually limiting God so much in our own lives. Don’t get caught up in thinking that we live in this physical world and that is that, nor that we are here to live the best we can and then we will go to heaven and will get to know Him. Well, that isn’t truly living. Although we may live physically separated from God, to live spiritually and inwardly separated from Him is your choice because He has provided all that you will need in order to dwell with Him, which does go against our limited, rational mindset. God wants to bring the victory to you now, He wants to gift you with things that will blow your mind and cannot be contained in this limited, physical world where we temporarily dwell. It is a daily, victorious salvation, which can be experienced and lived, but only when you self-discipline your minds and hearts to turn to Jesus over what you may physically be experiencing. May you work on developing a fierce determination to reject what you physically see and boldly look only to Jesus and want only what He wants you to have!

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com): Have a fierce determination to look to Jesus & want only what He wants you to have: it’s more than you could possibly imagine