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Why is more time spent in getting to know others, in aligning yourself with them than it is with getting to know Jesus, and allowing Him to align yourself with God, which will then secure you on your path in Him and align you to those that He would like to bring into your life which will bring more fullness to your life? You will not please everyone, you will upset others without even trying to, and no one is perfect, and yes, emotions and feelings can easily, and very slyly get in the way of relationships. However, think of this. Your daily priority is getting to know Jesus, and you’re putting Him first in your life, then all of a sudden someone isn’t happy with you, and sometimes you may even seem almost hounded negatively by people. And no matter what you do you just seem to rub people the wrong way. So instead of going to someone else, you inwardly turn to Jesus for help and since your relationship has deepened in Him you are able to receive more from Him. He first feeds you with what is truly important, how very precious you are to God, He continues to feed and nourish you with that specifically, powerful love which heals your mind, your heart, your emotions, and all other things that the negative arrows have slammed into and He then either disciplines you or assures you, which then gives you strength to freely give unconditional love to everyone around you. This response then amazingly has more healing power in it directed back to your own life because you become more aware of Christ working through you as you actively live in Him, and you are able to deeply understand an important truth: Only God is good. Only Jesus can promise to never leave us nor forsake us, only Jesus can effectively heal all emotions and thoughts, only Jesus can heal relationships, only Jesus can complete you and make you whole. Shouldn’t He always be your daily priority? Well, do you know what you have learned when He is? That all that truly matters is that you are precious to Jesus, and God loves you with a powerful strength that only the Holy Spirit can keep you from fainting as it is more and more precisely revealed to you, and if God is for you, than who can possibly be against you?

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com):  Upsetting others will happen even without meaning to so allow your relationship with Jesus to be your priority