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Behind the Shield of Protection

Just to let my readers know that Protection Series #6~ Behind the Shield of Protection is scheduled for publishing next Friday, 10/24/14; it should be in Barnes and Noble at the nook store within the following week. This romantic love story is simply a matter of personal choices made with Jesus as their center focus, and sometimes we are required to make those choices regardless of knowing the plan of what lies ahead. The right free-will choices, led by the Holy Spirit to be made at the right time will usher in the Lord’s victory every time.

Here is a peak of what is in-store as you read it:  Former United States Secret Service Special Agent Rilen Brandt’s very long healing journey with Jesus continues: slow step by slow step. Although the steps have become less painful, the memory that she thought was healed, of why she was hidden away years ago, begins to hound her anew, and is sharply attempting to penetrate her peace of mind. But it is happening because Jesus is personally healing every tiny particle of grief that has shattered her life, and He is lovingly conditioning her and strengthening her to remain faithful to Him by actively strengthening her self-discipline and patience in waiting on Him, and His healing. Isn’t He? Rilen is positive that is what is happening, and is even more positive in knowing that she doesn’t need anyone anymore, nor does she want to have anyone to help fill her days, nights, holidays, nor any other aspect of her life. She wants to continue simply living a solitary life in Jesus. Her Savior is enough for her.

But when she boldly asks the all-masculine, exotically handsome prince, that has effectively disrupted her safe haven, why he is suddenly and quite persistently always present, or always righting her when she stumbles, Prince Malkin Megalos simply shrugs and states that he is making sure his future princess is protected and secure, while his unique eyes keep intently looking her way. What is she supposed to do now? Okay, so maybe she really is only positive about one thing, her consummate love of Jesus. And that is all that matters as she clings to Him and steps forward in blind faith.