Do not have faith in yourself because yes, you are not perfect and you will let yourself down, and the very real truth is that we do live in a spiritual battle, our thoughts are spiritual, and we do not truly know what we face. What may look like a pebble, may be a cliff, or vice-verse. So don’t waste any energy or time with that dead-end, instead turn to Jesus. Let Him cleanse you and strengthen you to further self-discipline yourself. Concentrate just on getting to know Him, God won’t let you down, no matter what pressing matters you face, you are securely held in His hands. As you turn to Jesus, let Him deeply establish Himself as Lord in all areas of your life as you turn to Him moment by moment and include Him in everything. Then the Holy Spirit will begin to feed you a depth of nourishment that goes way beyond our limited minds, it will be God’s specifically unique love for you. As you feed on that, receive that, and dwell in that you will easily see that no matter what is around you or what is ahead for you, you have confidence in that supernatural, divine love that can see you through anything because you deeply know that God won’t let you down. Then you find you are stepping forward in confidence, entering situations with confidence and you can now successfully do this or that even more successfully. Smiling, you stop and look up, you finally can clearly see that it is not having confidence in yourself, but it is having confidence in God’s strong desire to see you through to victories in Him because you deeply know that He loves you more than anyone else ever could; and He is moving through you as you moment by moment turn and live in Jesus!

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com): Turn to Jesus and you will receive the Holy Spirit’s depth of nourishment: God’s uniquely powerful love for you.