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Things are hammering at you from all around, you can’t seem to get ahead, nor can you simply take a breath and be at ease, it seems to be “one thing right after the other” and you readily know that there is no slowing down in sight, but you also know that Jesus is your answer for everything. So you turn to Him in the middle of the chaos, relinquish the control you thought you had, and all of the uncertainties by laying them at the foot of the cross while you fall into Jesus’ arms. You have chosen Jesus over your physical world because you remember that all things worthy of Praise, all things of God, your Creator, comes through Him and by Him and that is the only way to victoriously live in this chaotic, busy life where the forces and prince of this world are desperately trying to do all they can to pull your focus from the place that it should be on~on Jesus. While you freely choose to rest in the arms of Jesus, He lovingly and passionately guides you in the decisions that need to be made, He simplifies your life to the way it should be and you then find yourself supernaturally risen above your physical circumstances and situations as Jesus calms the storms that are hammering all around you. Rejoice…you have freely chosen Jesus over what you are physically experiencing and His peace is reigning within, which will manifest itself at the perfect time healing your circumstances to glorify God! Have a wonderful day living in Jesus!

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com): Freely choose Jesus over the chaotic, busy life & He will heal your circumstances while His peace reigns within.