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The presence of Jesus is powerful and beyond anything you could ever imagine, but with our environment in which we live the enemy is always trying to desensitize us, to throw up obstacles that will remove our focus from Jesus. However, freely choosing to reject all things not of God, the Holy Spirit will be able to open up your spiritual eyes so that you can see that Jesus drips with healing herbs for all problems and issues that will threaten to overtake you, His eyes encompasses you, His arms securely enfolds you while the Holy Spirit feeds you the nourishment you desperately need, balancing your life, as well as what you openly crave as you freely choose to cultivate an awareness of Him. No matter what it takes to change in your life, you realize that is the only way towards true freedom while God, Himself, excitedly looks down and sees you, His beloved child, covered in Jesus’ sacrificial blood because you are finely within His grasp as He bends and affectionately secures you in His hands. You are a child of the King, you are a beloved child of Yahweh~and there you will reside for an eternity. Rejoice, and freely respond with open worship and praise to God through all trials, circumstances, situations, problems, and issues because you only dwell in victory because you freely choose to dwell in Jesus and can now greatly rejoice as you become even more aware of His presence. Jesus, His presence, leads you into all victorious things that instantly shatters all barriers, it leads you to God~He, truly is all that you need so do not let yourself become desensitized to Him!