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Protection Series #6~Behind the Shield of Protection is now available at the nook store at Barnes and Noble, should be at the other major retailers as well! Here is the link: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/behind-the-shield-of-protection-andie-renee/1120648280?ean=2940046367508

Have a wonderful day, here is the smaller, brief description of this beautiful story that at the very root is all about simple, but hard to make free-will choices…but victory will always be seen because Jesus is at the center of those choices!

Heartbreaking tragedy drove former United States Secret Service Special Agent Rilen Brandt into hiding years ago. And refusing to be defeated by the memories that are beginning to torment her, she will also not allow the unnerving presence of Prince Malkin Megalos to cause her to stumble because Jesus is still healing her bleeding heart. But she is not at all prepared to accept the truth of why the prince is really there.