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We live in a world full of chaos, or a false sense of balance, and, well, of course it really won’t change until the Lord comes again because the Bible tells us that the prince of this world is our enemy. However, why do we have to look to or believe that bad things, or failures are coming our way? We live in Jesus, whom is our victorious Lord who has conquered all things on the cross that were not of God so that we may be brought into Him, and live victoriously through Him as He leads us through this “valley of the shadow of death.” Death simply means separation and it is a shadow because although we are physically separated from God, we are not completely! Our loving Creator has made a way for us to experience Him and be able to belong to His Kingdom while our bodies physically dwell on earth. Those that worship God must worship Him in spirit and in truth, it is a spiritual Kingdom that you belong to, which far surpasses the wiles and limitations of this earth. Do not be fooled, for things of the spirit are way more powerful than the things you can physically see. So when you actively make Jesus Lord of every aspect, of your life, you shouldn’t be waiting negatively for “what’s next,” but in anticipation of the greatness He is trying to deeply establish in your life. And even though negativity will rear up, look to Jesus asking Him what it is that He wants to teach you through it, for only the Holy Spirit can truly balance your life. Because if Jesus has brought you to it, He already knows the victorious path through it. His plan is the only plan, His way is the only way so always look first to Him leading you into His victory for every stage, circumstance, and situation~He only wants complete victory for you!

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com): If Jesus has brought you to it, He already knows the victorious path through it. He only wants complete victory for you!