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The deeper your relationship becomes in Jesus the more you become aware of the powerful statement that Jesus spoke through His earthly life and ministry through the Gospels~ “No one is good but God,” and the more you can relate to Paul when he speaks of no matter how close his relationship becomes to God, the flesh, or the response of things not of God is still present within. Even after you give all you are to God, lay everything you encounter at His feet, actively look first to Jesus, and are guided by the Holy Spirit, you may still have times where you slip-up, where you respond negatively, or you react wrongly. We are not perfect, but we do cling to the One that is and His blood does cover us, which then gives us victory over sin. But as our relationship with Jesus deepens what changes is that during those times, during those “slip-ups,” we immediately turn to Jesus, repent and as His blood immediately washes over us, we open our ears to hear from the Holy Spirit as He uniquely teaches us, reminds us of where He might have warned us before we reacted, and then instructs us on what we need to change in order to not allow that to happen again. And then amazingly we may even be reminded that “no one is good but God,” and our eyes lovingly turn towards our great Creator with even more amazement of how great He really is! This then reminds us that our “good” actions towards others, our “good” words towards others are not at all because we are good, but it is because we cling to Jesus and His blood covers us as we intimately become nourished by God, Himself, as His loving, Holy Spirit personally balances our lives. Praise Jesus, our Faithful Creator, our Abba, gives us everything that we could ever need to become true overcomers in this world! Praise Jesus, only God is good!