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Jesus is our answer to everything, and therefore why do we need to concentrate on the problem, or the issue in order to be able to resolve it? We need to condition ourselves to look to Jesus, to the only One that can bring resolution, healing, strength, understanding, and peace about what we may be facing. There may be an avenue within the problem, or issue that we may find that the Lord does not want us to see because it would trip us up, cause us to stumble, or even bring a harder journey for us. So what do we do? Well, let our gaze rise above the problem by looking to Jesus within us, and firmly decide that regardless of how we feel, regardless of what we hear, or see, we will only wait until the Holy Spirit guides our hands and our feet to enter into the resolution that will bring greater glory to God as we continue to worship and praise Him. We are overcomers, and boldly refuse to be overcome by the wiles of the enemy. And we have learned, as our relationship with Jesus has deepened, that as we look first to the issues we will expect the natural results of the issues, but as we look first to Jesus we will expect the supernatural results of Him that will powerfully heal our circumstances and situations. May you look to Jesus and see tomorrow and the upcoming week through Him, expecting to be drawn even closer to Him as the Holy Spirit whispers God’s powerfully unique love specifically for you and instills within you divine confidence and faith in Him!

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com): Seeing problems first will lead you to expect their natural results, but seeing Jesus first, you’ll expect the supernatural results of Him.