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Victories in Jesus. Amazing three words that reveal so much, but did you know that we can be too specific and miss the depth of victories that the Lord is intently trying to build specifically within our lives with Him? We are sick and we look to receive the victory of physical healing. But what about those small precious victories that we experience as we are sick? Did you lay down and envision Jesus, did you concentrate and experience His presence surround you as He cherished you spiritually while your body went through the sickness? Then as you were able to do a little more, were you thankful for that victory, or did you complain wanting more? Were you able to sleep through the night, or if you weren’t, did you give Jesus that time that you were awake by thinking on Him, and speaking with Him? Or when you are faced with problems, did you wait to cheer until the problem was over? What happened in-between those times? Did you experience a change within yourself where you started to see things differently as you looked to Jesus first? Did you walk into the room or circumstance where the problem was present and look first to Jesus as His indescribable inner peace rose up within you while Jesus gave you the words to say? Were you able to sleep, regardless of the problems hanging over your head? The list seems endless on what we face, but always remember that each moment is a moment that Jesus’ victory can be uniquely experienced within our private, intimate journey with Him. And each victory contains a depth of victory that can only be revealed by the Holy Spirit as you actively live in the presence of Jesus. And did you even realize what is also being actively built within you is patience to wait on Him? That is a victory as well. What you may see as a victory, someone else may not, but that is what is so precious about it because only the Holy Spirit can reveal your victory to you as you look to Jesus for all things. So…what are your victories?

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