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We are designed to become an open vessel, one that is thoroughly cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb, our Savior, and then as our focus intently stays on Him, looking to Him first in all things, and actively conversing with Him daily, the Holy Spirit instills within us truths specifically needed for each circumstance we encounter. He equips us and prepares us, and although we may not fully recognize that in our minds, as we focus entirely on Jesus, those truths and powerful words do flow forth. At the time it may be mind-boggling that such things come from our mouths at what appears to be the wrong time in the flesh, but we no longer speak those things that will make a person “feel good.” We speak those words that the Lord wants us to speak that will bring depth to their healing, break all barriers and truly set them free, keeping their focus on where it needs to be, Jesus. And although our vessels may be shattered, broken, or chipped the Lord miraculously heals, repairs and fixes us so that His refreshing Living Water will flow forth from us towards others, thereby allowing us to take an active, amazing part in their healing, repairing, and fixing. A very thorough healing, in deed! However, if we are more concerned with what others think, or doing what appears to be the “good” thing, or “natural” thing to do, or “right” thing, then we will find ourselves dwelling in our brokenness, and not have the ability to hold the vast Living Water God wants us to be able to hold, and has equipped us to hold. Then we begin to realize that we barely can hold enough of that refreshing cleansing flow for ourselves, let alone enough to help out others. Only the Lord knows what the “right” thing to do is, the “right” words to say, or the “right” way in which to do it. So may you allow yourself to be an open vessel as you actively look to your Jesus!

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com): Our shattered pieces, cracks & chips are healed by Jesus’ Blood so that we can hold the miraculous flow of Living Water, the Holy Spirit!