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The more time you spend with Jesus, the more you fall deeply in love with Him. Your eyes then begin to look at things so differently, your responses to things become different, and you suddenly are aware of the victories over what surely doesn’t appear to be a victory. The more you turn to Him, the more you realize that is the only way to truly breathe, and you learn more about the valuable, loving Spirit that dwells within you, the Holy Spirit, who will reveal to you the powerful expressions of how God, your Abba, lovingly looks to you. Your thoughts and ideas regarding things around your physical world rapidly changes to a depth you never thought possible. And when issues begin to build in your life, you always turn to Jesus immediately, letting Him lead you through them, but when people look at you and wonder about your faith, you become amazed because you don’t “feel” any different in that department. But then the Holy Spirit reminds you that you are intimately connected to the very source of divine faith and you are always turning to Him during all things, thereby you actively dwell in divine faith & divine strength because John 14:23 has been established in your life. Then you deeply realize what a wonderful, precious moment it will be when the Holy Spirit quickens your spirit as your body dies and you immediately know Him, then when you immediately look upon Jesus and you both deeply know each other because you have been through so many trials together. But then you hear your Abba’s booming voice as He greatly rejoices because you are finally, wholly with Him in the place He has personally designed for His beloved children. It is no longer a sad time to leave the earth because you intimately know that by Him and through Him is all things and He loves your loved ones more than you ever could; and He is their Creator and so He has already provided a way for them as well because only He knows how to directly interact with them in how He needs to in order to bring about His victory for their individual lives. Praise Jesus~the preciousness of living in Jesus!