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There are things that frustrate us, and there are things that will continue to frustrate us, but we do not have to dwell in that environment of frustration. It is your choice to freely choose to look and dwell in Jesus over those frustrations. However, as you dwell in Jesus there are still things that you will experience and yes, frustration is one of them, especially when you really feel pressed to do something and the way to do it is temporarily closed or out of order. You feel the rush of irritation, but you firmly self-discipline your mind, reminding yourself that you choose to only dwell in Jesus and His victory has to be experienced; although you may not see it, it is there. After that choice is made, regardless if you were ever able to accomplish what you were pressed to do, the frustration episode passes and you go on, allowing Jesus to heal your thoughts. Want to see the victory of your choice? Well, at the first opportunity you can, you rest in Jesus, either as you lay down at night to sleep, or during a quiet time with Him. As you are resting, God peeks over Jesus’ shoulder at you and smiles, “What took you so long to come rest?” Your heart races and the Holy Spirit rises up more firmly within you while God tells you to stop trying to do what the Holy Spirit is designed to do. You beg your Abba, “Please teach me how the Holy Spirit works in my life, teach me how to not try and do what He is to do.” Jesus then veers your mind back to that frustration of the day that seemed to attack you, and you continue to let Him lead your mind to wherever it needs to go as the Holy Spirit reveals the truths of the day within you, and you readily see that the original frustration was actually a blessing, clearly showing that your Abba is in all of the little details of your life: something you desperately needed and didn’t even realize! Praise Jesus, the life of an overcomer~living in Jesus!

Twitter (@AndieRenee_com): A frustration can actually be an intimate communication from God revealing He is in the tiny details of your life!