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We all have them, days or moments where we get irritated, or upset over little things, but what would happen if you took that brief moment in time and immediately look to Jesus? You feel the irritation, you look at the frustration and then you immediately stop what you are doing and turn inwardly to Jesus. If it is something that needs done and you are not in the mood, then tell Him and ask Him to fill you with the strength and desire to do it. Then praise Him and start working while you inwardly focus on Him and you will see a change. If it is something that is just plain irritating then ask Jesus to heal that frustration to help you see it in a different way. Each irritation, or discomfort, or frustration can become amazing experiences where you will experience the faithfulness of Jesus because He is always right there wanting to help you~so let Him! As your life radically changes by doing this at each opportunity then what will happen when the bigger issues set in or slam against you? Well, you will do what you have been doing and turn to Him without thought while deeply knowing that He will heal, mend, lead, and set to right your problem. Powerful Divine faith and strength has been built within you by the Author and Finisher of your faith, Jesus, because you have opened yourself up to receive it by simply turning to Him at each opportunity. Each problem, each irritation, each discomfort, and each frustration can be unique opportunities to strengthen your relationship with Jesus because you simply acknowledge that you are fully relying on Him for all things concerning you! Shabbat Shalom!