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You see the destruction, the problems, the troubles, the issues, the pressures; you feel the destruction, the problems, the troubles, the issues, the pressures and you begin to experience them, but then you suddenly stop and instead turn inwardly to Jesus and firmly say, “I choose to only dwell in you.” Your free-will choice was made and now you are opening yourself up to be led towards the victory specifically designed for you that will bring God greater glory because He loves you that much! You rest in Jesus’ arms and ask the Holy Spirit to open your spiritual eyes fully so that you may see what you need to see, and learn what you need to learn through each moment of the experience. It is no longer a matter of trying to talk yourself into feeling better like saying, “it could be worse,” you have finally realized that what you experience is very intimate and personal between you and the Lord and goes way beyond your ability to rationalize it, or meager attempts to explain it. That destruction, problems, trouble, issues, and pressures then begin to seem more hazy and you begin to privately experience God’s sheltering protection. Praise Jesus~you are intimately learning that God is truly greater than all things, you are living the life of an overcomer, you are living in Jesus!