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Take me out of this, change this, why did this happen? The endless lists of questions, thoughts, and suggestions filter in and out of our minds when we are faced with issues. We know Jesus is capable, we know that He conquered all on the cross, but why is it not manifesting? Why is it not lifting us or taking us out of the situations, circumstances, or problems? We often look for the physical victories and when we can’t see them there are a load of wrong things we think, it doesn’t help that the enemy and the flesh is trying to get us to doubt, or self-condemn ourselves when we are not taken straight to the victory, as well as experiencing inappropriate measurements on how much “faith” you have. Another beautiful reason why the Bible states that all we need is to have a mustard seed of it, which is already there as Jesus dwells within you and the Holy Spirit has softly whispered to you since the day of your birth. What is amazing, and where most miracles take place and are deeply discovered is in the process. It is there we learn, firsthand, the faithfulness of God, the long-suffering of Jesus, and the intimacy and overabundant power of the Holy Spirit. It is there we learn firsthand that God is truly greater than all things and it is there we discover the powerful, supernatural foothold He has painstakingly built within our lives that will withstand the test of time. So be an overcomer, look only to Jesus and cherish the process that produces that complete victory! Praise Jesus!