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Refuse to allow your mind to shift from Jesus. Yes, it is your free-will choice to do so. It may at first seem daunting and hard, but embrace all opportunities you can to exercise and strengthen that resolve within you. We need to be more aware of Jesus than anything else. When our focus is shifted from Jesus, and turned towards our physical world, we wonder why we aren’t seeing the healing, or the miraculous changes that we should, and no, your Lord has not forsaken you, nor has He turned His back on you, it is us that turn from Him. If we, inwardly, in our minds, freely choose to stand before Him, or lean into Him, or fall into His healing embrace and simply worship Him, praise Him, and only choose to focus on Him while all of the questions slam against our mind, and while our bodies deal with whatever it is going through, then we are choosing to rise above our circumstances, be overcomers, and to wait on Him. And only then will we not be so easily swayed by doubt, nor will unbelief have a place within us because we will be fully experiencing the strong desires Jesus has for us~to be whole and well in Him. We will then be able to be fully trained in Divine victory, instead of being trained by trial and error, because as we are fully yielded to Him, our life is in His sovereign will, and we are allowing the Holy Spirit to have access to bypass our minds, instilling truth deeply within us as 2 Timothy 1:7 states, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” Only when you choose Jesus over the nagging, overwhelming questions, comments, and thoughts will you be able to maintain a sound mind in this unsound world led by the enemy because that allows the Holy Spirit to keep you in perfect balance. Praise Jesus for guiding our paths to be fully in the sovereign will of God, actively drawing us closer as we fully yield ourselves to Him!