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You have fully yielded yourself, given everything up in your life because you have intimately realized that nothing you do, alone, works out, but only through Jesus are you able to successfully do all things. You have allowed the Holy Spirit to position your life into the sovereign will of God, and now it is no longer “one thing after another,” nor do you have a “victim mentality,” because you are realizing that problems, issues, and obstacles are also amazing reminders that, “Yes! I need Jesus over all things in this world! I choose Him!,” and you are deeply learning that God is greater than all things, and He wants you well! You are spiritually maturing in Jesus, and amazingly you are realizing that you are now currently being opened up to your Abba’s limitless communications because everything in your life is positioned to look to Him first in all things, moment by moment living in Jesus, mutually giving and receiving! Stay-the-course, and enjoy conversing with Jesus, as your Heavenly Father looks on, and uses all situations, incidents, and happenings in order to communicate with you, as the Holy Spirit secures you, and reveals to you what He would like for you to learn. Praise Jesus!