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Fully yielded, fully sacrificed, means you are also no longer self-reigning in your mind, because Jesus is Lord of your complete life. You go to Him first for all things, you now see things through Him, and you turn to Him continuously as you pray without ceasing, keeping all lines of communication fully open, allowing the Holy Spirit to Divinely reign within your mind, teaching you the difference between your voice, the enemies’ voices, and His. This becomes more pronounced as you actively turn to Him, because He is then able to bring you through things to better help you distinguish them. Yes, there are times you are incorrectly hearing and that is alright because it is a learning process, but as Jesus cleanses that, the Holy Spirit then strengthens it, and guides you further into understanding. Every opportunity, moment by moment, now becomes a prayerful moment where you are becoming more aware of Jesus than anything else, allowing Him to build trust, faith, confidence, and dependency on Him, so that you will never forget the Source of the power within, your Abba. Who keeps you Divinely rooted in His unconditional love, and saving Grace, so that you may step forward and deal with what needs dealing with for Him. You are living an overcomer’s life~you are powerfully living in Jesus!