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“Yes Jesus, Yes Jesus!” He sees the “yes” in your heart, and is moved by that, He doesn’t focus on the struggles you are struggling with, instead He sees where you are going, and where He wants to take you. And you always turn to Him, because you have learned that the process of healing those struggles builds Divine faith, confidence, and trust in Him, in you. Others may unconsciously, or even consciously, try to trip you up because you don’t fit into what they “think” should be done, nor what they “believe” should be omitted, or added, when you are faithfully, and obediently doing all for the glory of God. However, the Lord lovingly reminds you of what He has already brought you through, which has allowed you to correctly hear His voice because you turn exclusively to Him, so do not doubt that. You are not to align yourself with others, but with Jesus, which aligns with the Word of God, and these are simply reminders that your relationship with Jesus should always take precedence over all things in your life. Jesus may bring you through things, and have you obediently do things that will offend others, and the Bible does remind us of that, but in certain situations that may be needed in order to help those who truly need help in those specific areas of their life, showing them the unconditional healing that He wants to gift them with within their minds and spirits, which is way more important than pleasing someone. Through experience, the Holy Spirit is intimately showing you that you are being risen above all issues, no longer allowing a pebble, nor even a boulder to stand in your way of following Jesus! Praise Jesus, always equipping us to stay-the-course all for Abba’s glory!