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The harder the task, the more you strengthen me. The bigger the issue, the more you prepare me. The harsher the attack, the more you protect me. The more painful the experience, the greater the healing. My life hasn’t turned out how I had envisioned it turning out to being, but that was when I fully lived in the physical world of my plans, dreams, and successes, before physical limitations began to hound me. But now? Through my physical brokenness, I turned to you and you responded by drawing me closer to you. So now, my life has turned out to be a life I never thought possible, nor could I have ever imagined it being as it is, because I fully live in the world of your Divine plans, Divine dreams, and Divine successes, after you freed me from the hounding limitations and fully showed me that all things are truly possible when you actively live in Jesus, because it is all about you, and not about me! I only want what you want, my Abba.