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Moment by moment living in Jesus, which is simply actively acknowledging His presence, takes you from just reading about Him to actively experiencing the Mystery of the Gospel, Christ within you. Overtime, in obediently working on your self-discipline in order to always choose Him over all other things, no moment is spiritually idle, even if it feels like nothing is happening, nor changing, don’t believe your feelings over Him. No matter how many days, weeks, months, or years go by, as your focus remains on Jesus, the Holy Spirit is always intently working within you to position you to be able to spiritually see Jesus, actively converse with Him, actively wait for Him to move forward so you will not step away from Him, all the while spiritually healing you within so that you will be able to actively listen to the Holy Spirit’s Words of wisdom, instruction, and guidance. The profound result of His full authority, which you have obediently respected and embraced in your life, has intimately changed you into becoming an Overcomer, and has healed your ability to receive more from Him as well as teaching you how to actively embrace the Riches of His glory. It is always all about Him! May your connection to Him be fully open, active and alive!