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Some of the greatest blessings can be when we cannot see what’s in front of us, nor how something could possibly work out in the flesh, because that is when we are intimately reminded that Jesus is all we really need to be aware of. Sacrifice your uncertain, and wayward thoughts, and instead, think only on Him, letting your spirit remind your mind that if you have a need to know, He will make sure you know it. This then allows the unfamiliar, or overwhelming issue and problem, you are dealing with, to be Divinely used as an exercise in strengthening your confidence and trust in Him, which will then teach you a depth to His Holy Word, which is always actively alive and thriving. Uncertainty, and adversity are just more opportunities to experience another depth of cultivating the healing intimacy of Abba’s protection specifically and uniquely within you, as you actively live in His presence, while He supernaturally fulfills the beautiful verse of John 14:23. Oh, the beauty of deeply discovering why the Holy Spirit is the breath you breathe, and why Jesus’ healing Blood now runs through you, while your Abba’s countenance is always turned specifically towards you: because you specifically exist for your Creator, the Great I Am!