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Self-disciplining your mind and thoughts is a free-will choice only you can make, and when you don’t do that you can actually feed the chaos around you. As a child of God, you, individually, need to want to lower the painful pressure of the horrific noise and problems that may seem to be attacking your physical world, and want only Jesus, so that the Holy Spirit can position you to become more sensitive to the awareness of Jesus, and the victorious truth He is painstakingly trying to show you: that God is greater than all things, and He will never forsake you. That is truly the only way to go from barely enduring, to rising above the problems, and overcoming. Our perceptions and focus needs to go from concentrating on this limited physical world, to our Creator’s limitless eternal Kingdom. During those times where at every turn there seems to be another attack, a negativity, an insurmountable problem, or issues piling on top of issues, we cannot trust in our perceptions, they are generally wrong. They may not even be attacks, you cannot look in the physical world, and determine what is going on spiritually, only the Holy Spirit can instruct you on what is going on, and to hear from Him better, there are sacrifices needed to be made, and free-will decisions needed to be decided. Instead of focusing on the issue, problem, and “attack,” your focus should always be on Jesus, the Solution. Problems in the flesh have a unique way of reminding us that we are only fully secure with Jesus, and we need to be more aware of Him than anything else. Look to what you can understand, Jesus, our Savior: He is the one way that is the only way, the one way that leads towards eternity, and the only way where true peace and strength will come from. Focusing and thinking on the issues, and effects of them, as well as the “what-ifs,” takes precious time away from glorifying and worshiping your Abba! And as you worship, you open yourself up to hearing Him speak what needs spoken~His Words are sharper than a double-edged sword, slaying the wrong, and healing the right, and only the Holy Spirit can lead us to speak them at the perfect time, in His time, not in ours.