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As our arms privately lift up in pure worship to Abba, our hearts likewise open specifically to Him and our thoughts begin to see our Creator’s authority, which supersedes all other things, bringing healing to our inner turmoils that no one, but us and Him may even know about, as well as bringing a fresh flow of His peace coating us like warm oil. We are overcomers only because we have deeply recognized that “We need Jesus above all things, and want only Him.” His Divinity supersedes our limited physical world, because we have become open vessels, allowing the Holy Spirit to freely flow and do what He needs to do to us, in us, and through us in order to fully glorify our Creator. Our praises will loudly drown out the noise of the chaos threatening on all sides, we only stand firm, because Jesus holds us in place. So don’t look on the outside of us, don’t focus on our sufferings, nor on how our physical worlds seem to be filled with problems, issues, and limits, because that is not where our focus is. Don’t let what we physically go through to cause you to spiritually stumble. Instead, look to our eyes as they release that subtle ethereal glow; look to our smiles as we reveal where our strength is coming from, and remember it’s a smile that is not dependent on our physical world; see our physical eyes close, so that we can more intently focus only on His healing arms surrounding us, which nourishes us in ways we deeply need Him to; listen to our mouths as we cannot hold back our praises of Him; and look to the way our bodies are subjected to His peace that is sheltering us~it is well with our souls, and that is all that truly matters, because we intimately dwell within His Kingdom, which transcends all limited spans of time! May we all join together in allowing every aspect of ourselves and our lives to continue growing in full worship to the Great I Am, our Abba!