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Experiencing worry or fear should always remind you that you are looking past Jesus, which can dangerously cloud your spiritual vision, and cause you to miss the Holy Spirit’s comforting instruction He is diligently trying to instill within you. Take authority over your thoughts by forcing yourself to only think on Jesus, at the same time disassociate from your emotions and feelings, and the Holy Spirit will release amazing blessings of encouragement while guiding your thoughts to where your Abba desires them to be so that He may further sanctify your mind. And let me assure you, true victory over worry and fear does exist, but only when you stay fully connected to Jesus. Through your free-will choice in desiring to do this over time, at the perfect time, and after receiving the depth of cleansing and healing you uniquely need, the Holy Spirit will rise up and not allow the spirit of fear to even attack you. Remember, He will often reveal the healing to our need in the moment thereof, for the moment therein, so why would we need to think past Jesus? Aren’t you amazed by our Abba’s perfect design, which reveals another depth in why He commands us to never fear, nor worry?! May you always crave obedience to Him over your own desires, thereby forsaking that which is wrong so that you may deeply experience that which is right! Amen~let it be so!