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If you didn’t have a problem, nor issue, you couldn’t openly welcome the Holy Spirit to comfort you by His intimate instruction, which actually begins to uncover something that goes way beyond the flesh. The closer you become to Jesus, the stronger your commitment with Him becomes, and the more He allows for His deep-seated need to be revealed privately within you. That deep-seated need is to have us actively acknowledge Him each moment throughout each day. This uniquely yearning love also begins to be seen as you read God’s Holy Word with Him, showing you that the basis of your very existence is deeply rooted in His love for you, and it is also the very root His Holy Word is based on. It is a love that goes way beyond the meaning of it in your mind, this is so overwhelming it takes the Holy Spirit’s help for you to be able to experience just a little bit of it, while being in these corruptible bodies of ours. No one could ever love you more than Abba does, so may you use your free-will choice to self-discipline your thoughts and never allow anyone, nor anything of the flesh to outweigh Him in your mind. This helps you to radically cling to Jesus, which then allows Abba to miraculously show you His Divine victory over all things of the flesh. Jesus is the Author and Finisher of our faith, and we cannot have our faith nourished, nor strengthened and matured without recognizing Him, because as we acknowledge Him, we are continuously bathed in His Sacrificial Blood, which allows the Holy Spirit to water our “mustard seed” of faith that our Creator has instilled deeply within each of us. Praise Jesus for another depth of our Abba’s perfect design!