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Good thoughts, and good vibes are unable to change a thing, nor can they release the provision you need. Why? Because only God is good. Prayer is our powerful, interactive communication with our Savior, and it cannot be replaced, nor can our provision be provided without it. And praises and thanksgivings welcome in our Savior’s reigning authority, so nothing can replace that. We don’t have the power other than using our free-will choice to choose Jesus, which allows our intimate relationship with Him to grow; and we cannot correctly do a thing without our Abba’s Spirit intimately guiding us through all things, which requires our communication with Him to be actively open and thriving. Only God is good, and He deeply desires us to want a relationship with Him, how profound is that? However, the forces of this world will do everything possible to steer you away from that victory. So don’t give in and wrongly replace Divine prayer, praises and thanksgivings, and guidance for good thoughts or good vibes, because that won’t change a thing for the better, and God loves us too much to allow that to happen, because that is the wrong way. Our provision can only be provided by our Abba, because only God is good. And according to our Shepherd in Mark 10:18, who personally guides us, ‘And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.’  Oh, praise the Lord, Jesus covertly and profoundly connects us to the only One that is good, our Abba, the Great I Am. And together, may we rejoice, because we know only God is good and He delights when our faces are expectantly turned towards Him, and He is moved by our utterances and He actively hears our prayers! The Holy Spirit reminds us, ‘The Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear (honor, reverence Him), in those that hope in His mercy.’ (Psalm 147:11) Praise Jesus, only God is good!