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We go through things while we physically dwell here, all the way from the smallest things to the life-altering major changes, and that will not stop. But what is vital is that we make sure our first choice is always Jesus, because only then can radical, powerful changes take place deeply within us, which will then manifest itself in the natural world as the Holy Spirit intimately guides us through those changes. In essence, we intently narrow our focus to Jesus, allowing ourselves to become more aware of Him than anything else, because that is the only way we can take our step that is needed to allow the Holy Spirit to safeguard His Divine peace within us. Our prayers? Our open communication with the Lord, is never ceasing, and over time you can actually feel the openness lying open within these living temples, completely bare and ever ready for His impressions to flow into you. Our Savior’s beautifully scarred hands privately rest upon us and at some point, in wonderment, a depth of Love, the driving force passionately behind our very existence becomes somewhat comprehensible as we suddenly realize an almost incomprehensible, knee-buckling truth: “He chose me, therefore He loves me enough to deeply know me. Who I am matters to Him.” What we once wrongly saw as our existence has been healed and changed, revealing a specific protection surrounding us, safeguarding our free-will choices by no longer allowing the rolling of doubt of whether or not we are even choosing Him as we need to, to even be heard, because we suddenly realize and confidently speak, “There is no longer a raging battle of choices, because I will only ever choose Jesus. His breath is my breath, He fully sustains this living temple, and only His will can be my will.”