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The building pressure, and rising issues in your life can become something you never expected when you hold-fast to Jesus, and continuously re-affirm your refusal to let go of Him. The viciousness at which you fiercely grasp a hold of Jesus during the process is crucial, and must intensify, especially towards the end. You must grit your teeth and refuse, with every fiber of your being, to never let go! The building of your commitment to Him is crucial. And towards the end, at the threshold of the breakthrough, He will manifest Himself in an even greater way to you, where you are “locked-in” on being more aware of Him than anything else. More than even the negativity slamming against you during that final hour of pressure, where your fierce clutch begins to cause Him to release a sweetness never before felt by you, in order to sustain you as He guides you through the threshold. Remember, most times, the bigger the breakthrough, the longer the building of pressure, but when it finally explodes you will know and be privately instructed in it, and the relief will greatly impact you in ways you have never experienced before. You will find yourself coming out on the other side with a depth-defining confidence and trust in Abba that is immovable, intimately integrated and weaved into your very existence. Through His thorough instruction, He reminds you of when the buildup began, it may have been years ago, or even just months before, and as you remember all that you had learned and dealt with during the process, you are shown another depth of problems created by putting time limits on things. You now know the Master, your Abba, who intimately wielded the instrument during the process, and you can now clearly see how your Abba’s hand strategically reached down from the Heavens, and specifically moved so His victory could be intimately experienced by you, and seen through you. A distinct process, where memorials and history has been intimately built between you and Him, which provide a continuous nourishment, and cleansing victory to all areas of your life as you continue to obediently step forward in your Shepherd’s footprints. As you confidently stand in dignity, under the shelter of His grace, Jesus’ Guiding Light is even brighter, and your step is lighter, because you are intimately dwelling and experiencing another depth of the Riches of His Glory!