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As we actively acknowledge Jesus’ presence within us, the Holy Spirit exposes things we need to actively deal with while diligently working at having us become more aware of Jesus than anything else. It is a vital nurturing and nourishing process where we actively learn to trust in His decisions, promptings and leading, and not in ourselves. And each interaction with others, situations, circumstances and issues become purposeful moments where we learn that being more consciously aware of Jesus is the only way we can peacefully and humbly continue. It is a healthy balanced lifestyle based on the blessings of a free-will choice made for Jesus that allows us to immediately recognize a sin and then automatically deal with it; which then becomes evidence of His actively reigning existence, and a humbling tool reminding us who, alone, is perfect. Our righteousness, “right standing with God,” can only come from Jesus. And it is crucial for us to intimately nurture our relationship with Him, above all others, by spending more time with Him than with others, speaking to Him more than we do others, and also hearing from Him more than we do others. As we sacrificially do that, we find that the time we do spend with others, or physically doing other things, become amazingly profound quality time and experiences, because He actively joins us in that time and infuses His victory, His strength, and His wisdom into it. Only He can promise to never leave us, nor forsake us and an acute awareness of Him is vitally important to see the victory above what our physical eyes wrongly see as defeat!