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Overcoming sin has nothing to do with being perfect, that should never be in question, because there is no possibility of that ever happening. However, an understanding that there are sins you normally wouldn’t recognize as sins is very important. And as you, as a lifestyle, moment by moment, choose to be more aware of Jesus than anything else, you are able to hear the Holy Spirit’s utterances in recognizing a sin for what it is. Some of them are hard to digest, and with your deepening relationship with Jesus, stripped down bare and to the point- a sin can be as simple has turning away from Jesus, doing what He has not led you to do, although in the flesh it may seem like the right thing to do; or even not handling an issue as He is leading you to. Have you ever considered the possibility of what society views as acting sympathetically as being a sin? Yes, it can be that hard to recognize and digest, and it can be another clear “eye-opener” in regards to you not knowing how to truly live, requiring you to live only how your Shepherd intimately guides you to, moment by moment. Which then simplifies your moments. And as you automatically deal with whatever the Holy Spirit is instructing you on as being a sin, it becomes evidence of His actively reigning existence, and a humbling, balancing tool reminding us who, alone, is perfect, and that our righteousness can only come from Him. There is no place, nor time, nor need for self-condemnation when we actively live under His Sovereign reign, and only by actively living in Him can we effectively and powerfully overcome sin. All because of our Sacrificial Lamb, our Jesus’ conquering sacrifice on the beloved cross can we handle sin effectively and appropriately with Him! Praise Jesus, through Christ all things are possible!!