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‘If ye love me, keep my commandments.’ John 14:15

Through a “work mindset:”  a wave of uncertainty rushes through your being along with panic stricken thoughts of how you have more to do; along with an overwhelming sense of not being able to ever “get there” as a list of where you have fallen short counts off; not to mention the added arrows of wrongly thinking you have to do this or that to receive His love, you have to do so much better, and so much more. You continuously think of how much more you have to do.

‘If ye love me, keep my commandments.’ John 14:15

Through a Grace mindset:  your heart excitedly beats, what a confirmation that you are actively living in Jesus!! Your desire to be more aware of Jesus than anything else strengthens because you are confident in knowing that your Shepherd will intimately reveal what needs done in every given moment, He helps you to keep those commandments. The more you think on those beautiful Words, John 14:15, your heart swells as a thought of how much you love your Abba flows through your being as well as the amazing truth as to why those commandments are in place. They reveal how perfectly good He is, along with His strong desire to have you actively experience Him in miraculous ways. We are weak, and only He is strong and we need Him in order to live! And  your mind looks back on how the Holy Spirit’s Divine instruction perfectly teaches you, and you now intimately know that only He can strictly keep you in obedience to your Abba’s commandments, because you have painfully realized that your Abba loves you more than anyone else ever could and only His will is acceptable in your life. His commandments are wonderfully present, manifesting His reign from the spiritual world into the physical world. He alone is your Creator and knows what you have need of.

See the world of difference in the two? I’m sure you are experiencing the difference in the response of your emotions and feelings as well. Our personal obedience to His commandments strengthens as a result of actively living in Jesus, moment by moment, as you deeply fall in-love with Him and you intimately learn, during so many different experiences, how only He knows exactly what you need. While we actively embrace the healing ointment our loving Savior continuously coats us in, by actively embracing our Creator’s Divine network, we are stating that His Network means more to us than anything else in the flesh.  Accepting the Bible in its entirety, your Shepherd has led you to operate in a grace mindset: A healed and balanced mind by the Holy Spirit is so precious to behold! Praise Jesus!!